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About Me

As a child my main goal was to make everyone laugh. Just a little kid singing and dancing to my own made up songs, while daydreaming of having a large audience. Now, as a women in my 30s, I still am happiest when someone around me is laughing. When TikTok caught my attention, I was battling with mental health issues while balancing life as a new "stay at home mom." Once I started writing, creating, and editing these comedy videos, the spark inside me that was gone for so long had come back. The followers that I have helped me feel confident about who I am to my core. They love me exactly as I am. ATTENTION SEEKING/DRAMA-QUEEN AND ALL. I love what I do and I hope you love it too. 

My sobriety is very important and I have found a way through my platform to help others in need. Whether one is struggling personally with addiction or they have a loved one that's addiction is effecting them, I am here for support. Check out my TikTok profile page to sign up for my Weekly Sober LIVES.

Home: Bio

Acting Services

As an experienced professional in the entertainment industry, I provide a variety of acting and collaborative services. Find out more about what I offer and don’t hesitate to let me know if you want more information.

I have so much fun creating personalized videos for my followers! Pick your favorite character and I'll do the rest!



Collaboration and mutual understanding are always key. So it is imperative for me to express, just how VERY important it is for me to stay "on brand". Being born and raised in MA, I proudly  collab/work with (mainly) New England Based Companies! send an email for inquiry



Would you like to invite me or one of my characters on your PODCAST?

One of my most in-demand services! Whether you want to talk SAHM, TikTok, Influencer, Content Creator or Sobriety.... let me just tell you right now, I am flattered & honored to be a guest on your show! Email me!!! xoxo


Spiritual Practitioner

**In person must reside on or be visiting Nantucket for island rate**
1hr $50 ( in person island rate $40) Tarot reading / crystal work/ hypnosis meditation therapy 
2hr $100 (in person island rate $90) Tarot reading/ crystal work/ hypnosis meditation therapy/ancestral healing work 
***(helps if you have a family tree or have genetic testing: like 23&me. also has one free week of use to get a little hint of where&who you are connected to) 
ADD ONS:+ $20 help quitting a not so great habit: smoking...drinking...ext. 

Through years of hypnosis meditation, practicing Tarot, combined with studying ancestral healing, I developed a method to help others identify, and start to work through personal tramas. Sometimes, a single 1hr session is all someone needs to get started on their journey. While others meet with me many times over the course of their journey. Think of it this way; just one hour could possibly jump start you into a life of clarity and inner peace. By working directly with your spirit guides and inner child, I carefully bring to light emotions or events that have been dormant. 

**Spirit brings people to me that will benefit from my help. I will never ask you or message you for a reading/session** 

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